Business Toolboxes

Business Toolboxes

Business Toolboxes

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Our toolboxes were created so business owners could implement change in their business at their own pace, using tried and true business tool templates.

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These toolboxes have been put together to support business owners through the start up, scale up, innovate and disruption stages of business

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How It Works

The first step is to visit our shop and have a look at the types of toolboxes available. Our toolboxes are used in our online courses, workshops and business advisory sessions. Once you have purchased your toolbox, if you wish to have a one to one meet up with a business advisor to teach you how to use it most effectively, contact us on 02 4925 7700.

Business Connect Advisors

Every Business Connect advisor is accredited, with experience running their own business and formal qualifications in a business-related discipline. Our unbiased advisors also have management, consulting or prior advisory experience. Business advisors also have a broad range of skills covering essential business topics including business planning, marketing and how to grow your digital presence.

Steve Wait
Steve Wait Chief Executive Officer

Mentor and leader, sportsman and Scotsman

Peter Hollingsworth
Peter Hollingsworth Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Business trainer and coach extraordinaire

Martin Mckenzie
Martin Mckenzie Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Black belt in grants, tenders and incentives

Josh Angus
Josh Angus Business Advisor

Building the future of your business through systems, platforms and all things digital!

Ben Price
Ben Price Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

The Jimi Hendrix of business advising and training

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