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Start House

Opportunity + Sustainability
through innovative practices

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Innovation focused solutions for Start Ups, Scale Ups, Individuals & Teams. Supporting sustainability through innovation in product development, operations and business modelling.

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The Business Centre

Newcastle + Hunter + NSW

How It Works

We work with Start Ups, Scale Ups, Individuals and Teams to solve their customer problems. Through our Start House programs, bootcamps, toolboxes and pitch events, we give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to develop and test ideas, create new channels to market and keep you connected to the Innovation Ecosystem.

How It Works
What we do

There are a range of ways that Start House delivers value to customers; a range of programs, masterclasses, pitch events, bootcamps and toolboxes. This agile program has tailored solutions to meet your needs.

  • Ideation Program

    Ideators work on a conceptual product or service with an outcome of idea validation. 12 week program incorporating a one day bootcamp, one to one mentoring sessions, toolbox, pitch practice and a pitch event. 

  • De-risk for Acceleration Program

    This program exposes the trip hazards and hurdles a scale up faces during the acceleration process. Through knowledge comes the ability to mitigate risk and pre-empt  a sometimes predatory start up and scale up ecosystem. 12 week program incorporating a one day bootcamp, one to one mentoring sessions, toolbox, pitch practice and a pitch event.

  • Team Bootcamps

    This experience takes your team through an immersive workshop to reach a set outcome that meets an organisation needs. Facilitators, toolbox, action plans and success metrics ensure your team gets the results on the day.

  • Masterclasses

    Start House Masterclasses on; Product to Market Fit, Cybersecurity, Raising Capital, Minimum Viable Governance are run on demand at regular intervals throughout the year. If you want to express your interest, contact us.

  • Ideation Toolbox

    Containing; Target Customer Canvas, Inception Plan, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas Extended, Test and Validation, Pitch Deck Outline. Includes two bonus tools;Start Up Glossary and Customer Segmentation

  • Acceleration Toolbox

    Contains; Scale Up Canvas, Target Customer Canvas, Intellectual Property Canvas, Raising Capital Canvas, Minimum Viable Governance Canvas, 12 Slide Pitch Deck and Product to Market Fit Canvas. Includes two bonus tools; Product to Market Fit Map and Business Model Canvas Extended

  • Pitch events

    Start House is the practical heart of the innovation eco-system in Regional NSW. Our Pitch Nights bring together a diverse range of individuals and teams to pitch for investment or identified support required to take the next step. Connect with us on socials and watch out for our events. 




This program is delivered by our innovation-centric team who facilitate learning in boot-camps, facilitated outcome based workshops or 1:1 advisory sessions.

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