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Digital Solutions Program

Digital Solutions Program

Digital Solutions Program

Make Digital Work For You

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The Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services program works with small business owners to help them understand the benefits of digitising businesses and making the most of digital tools.

You only pay $45 + GST

Program value $845

In person or online

Across NSW

About the Program

Specialist Digital Advisors will be available in various ways, including face-to-face and online meetings, interactive workshops and webinars, with advice specific to your business needs. As a part of this program, you will receive:

  • A 3-year subscription to digital skills support content
  • Up to 4 hours of one-to-one time spent with a digital skills assessor and business advisor
  • Access to workshops and online seminars
How the Program Works

This program runs across 3 years and the cost to participate would normally be $845, however thanks to the generosity of the Federal Government who are providing a substantial subsidy to qualifying business, you only have to pay $45 (plus gst) to participate at this time.

Digital skills assessor and business advisor

Ben Price
Ben Price Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

The Jimi Hendrix of business advising and training

Melanie Renfrew
Melanie Renfrew Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Andrew Belk
Andrew Belk Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Josh Angus
Josh Angus Business Advisor

Building the future of your business through systems, platforms and all things digital!

Maria Ha
Maria Ha Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Jessica Coates-Judson
Jessica Coates-Judson Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Courtney Tune
Courtney Tune Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

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