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The Business Fusion series brings business owners into a trusted space where business concepts can be explored, ideas can be generated and meaningful business connections can be made. Fusion is not about exchanging business cards or going for a hard sell. It is an event where business owners can take the time to explore relevant topics and consider how their own business can evolve.

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June Business Fusion Event

Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business

June Business Fusion Event

Let’s hold our judgements and have a Hypo Ethical Dilemma Discussion! By hearing why people make decisions at different intersections that face us in business daily, we explore our own lines in the sand around ethics. A scenario is created where different people will be asked if they will engage with the business activity – or not – and why.

What we will discuss
  • A scenario is created where volunteer panelists will be asked if they will engage with the business activity scenario 
  • Each panelist will share their thoughts on "if they would take the job" and why 
  • There are 5 instances of "will you take the job?" 

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