What we expect from the upcoming NDIS Registration changes


For those of us who have been living in the land of the NDIS for many years now, the prospect of last minute changes is not new. In fact, if you are a business operating in the NDIS space you had better be pretty comfortable about being agile and responsive to change.

The NDIS Commission began operating just over a year ago, bringing with them a new registration system which requires compliance and audit from all businesses wanting to achieve registration to provide NDIS Supports. In that time we have already seen changes being made with businesses doing their best to hedge their bets and find the best time to hit the go button on their preparation for their audit, being mindful that the changes may represent a lower burden of preparation and cost.

August has brought us the possibility of such changes on the horizon. Here’s what we are expecting.

The Compliance and Audit pathways


The compliance and audit pathway that a business must follow in order to register to provide supports in the NDIS has up until now, depended on the structure of the business (sole trader or company) and the level of risks of support that they offer. Companies, along with any business offering a high risk support were on a more intensive Certification pathway. Sole traders and partnerships offering low risk supports were on a much more streamlined Verification pathway.

What we think the changes will mean


We thank the NDIS Commission for listening to the advocacy efforts of those of us around the country voicing our concerns about the cost and complexity of the Certification process which was anecdotally leading to many businesses carefully reviewing their business with a view to whether becoming a registered NDIS business under the new system was a viable option.

We believe that these changes will result in more businesses being able to follow the Verification pathway to registration rather than the more complicated Certification pathway.

We believe that businesses set up as companies who are offering low risk supports will be on the Verification pathway.

What's the difference between the Registration pathways?


There are two main differences between the two compliance pathways.

The first is in terms of preparation. The Verification pathway requires compliance against 4 outcomes from the NDIS Practice Standards. The Certification pathway requires compliance against at least 22 outcomes from the NDIS Practice Standards.

The second is in terms of the cost of the audit, which is born by the business. As it stands, the Verification audit, which is completed every three years by desktop only,  has been far less costly in comparison to the Certification audit which at its most complex has required both a desktop audit and a site visit and in some circumstances is completed annually.

HOWEVER: if you are a company offering low risk supports such as therapeutic supports, and your company has many employees you may find the cost of Verification rivals that of Certification as each employee has to have their worker screening documentation checked. All of this takes time, and time is how the audit quotes tend to be generated.

You can find out more at our Registration Masterclasses


We have supported hundreds of NSW businesses successfully through their NDIS Registration through our NDIS Registration Masterclasses and workshops. We work closely with the NDIS Commission and a range of approved auditors to ensure that we are as up to date with our information as we can possibly be.

In NSW these Masterclasses continue to be subsidised by the NSW Government.

What businesses are saying about the Masterclass:

‘The masterclass was a life saver. I honestly could not have gotten to this point without having attended it. Not only that but just the feeling of being supported gives you the confidence to move forward. If not for this event, I feel more providers would throw in the towel and walk away.  Thank you!'

 ‘I had seriously thought about deregistering before the course and had spent countless hours running in circles not knowing where to start. After the course I feel confident in knowing where and how to start the process. It doesn’t feel so daunting. I’m recommending all my private practice friends do the course. Fingers crossed for a certification course!!!’

‘I was planning on deregistering because the process was too overwhelming while still being new to business and all that means. Your course helped me to see that NDIA actually want us all to succeed, but want a high standard so that we care well for the participants, who are so vulnerable to exploitation. I have passed my audit, thanks to your masterclass and package of policies and procedures. I feel great about the future and looking forward to many years to come in business. Oh and I learned new things about Word as well that were very cool 😎. Thanks a million!’

‘Like so many others, I was going in circles getting no where fast and considering deregistering. The course showed me that the process was actually possible for a sole trader with no administrative support and I have ongoing support to cope with the constant changes and requirements.’

‘I honestly don’t know what we would have done without the masterclass and have no idea how people will manage without attending one. Probably those de-registering! It saved us that’s for sure, thank you ‘


You can find our upcoming masterclasses at the links below. Just click on your location and purchase your ticket...








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