Peter Tippett, CyberBUND

Business fraud is growing and is currently a multi Trillion dollar problem and has become a global
attack. It is a virus (cancer), but we still manage it the same way we have for 1,000’s of years using
procedures and consultants. Why don’t we apply the same rules we use for real time capture of
computer virus’s using data and the connected world to stop this. We can go about this now as we
are now placing more business data in the cloud. By linking this global network of information with
public information, can then remove this growing cancer that is destroying business’s. We will start
with accessing Xero’s network of 1.3M SMB’s, match their data, track all changes, benchmark and
cross check data with a focus on external fraud attacks to start with. We do this by capturing data
changes and checking if they are valid against external sources who care and have no influence over
like their customers and suppliers. We will grow stronger as more business data is captured and
interconnected with new AI capabilities coming on-line.

Tyler Regan, Orchard School Systems

Orchard School Systems is a suite of web applications created to help schools improve results by
providing a platform for student engagement. We work directly with both students and teachers to
understand what works for them, which has been essential in developing our MVP, Orchard
Rewards. Orchard Rewards is a rewards platform helping students take ownership of their
performance at school by opening up a direct communication channel between teachers and
students. Currently, it is in beta with V1 release is early next year with the next web app going into

Justin Bain, 3ME Technology

3ME Technology's mission is to spearhead superior e-mobility solutions into mining, military and
marine applications to improve performance, safety and sustainability. 3ME Technology is an
experienced battery electric vehicle (BEV) component and systems developer focused on
applications with challenging safety, operational and compliance needs. 3ME supports vehicle
manufacturers (OEMs) to electrify their offerings whether through consultation, custom
components or a full BEV system integration and subsequent supply. For underground mining, BEVs
eliminate current worker exposure to diesel fumes and reduce heat, dust, noise and costly
ventilation requirements. BEVs require significantly less maintenance, provide improved efficiency
and lower total cost of ownership. 3ME requires to rapidly increase its capacity in order to take full
advantage of the increasing demand from its target sectors and is interested in talking to potential
investors and Government initiatives.

Tim Snell, Industrial Monitoring & Control Pty Ltd

IMC specialise in monitoring and control systems for process automation and business
improvement. Our systems provide ongoing, value adding information to clients utilising specialist
imaging and automation techniques. We utilise machine vision and other processing methods to
provide real-time insights that are beyond human perception. Our depth of expertise sets us apart.
We work with a variety of industries including electrical utilities, recycling and waste, agriculture and
transport. IMC has a unique culture. Our founding principle centred on bridging the gap between
research and industry. We endeavour to bring cutting edge technology and scientific research
together to provide innovative, engineered solutions to previously unsolvable problems. An ongoing
relationship with universities and research institutions and an intrinsic desire to find new and better
ways to do things are ingrained in every staff member.

Mark Dujmovic, Hover UAV

Hover UAV’s vision is to be a solution provider and the critical link between emerging drone
technologies, individuals, schools, enterprises and governments. We aim to implement these
services into work flows or to improve lives. Our team brings a wealth of experience in helping to
identify critical benefits of drone systems management with an emphasis on mitigating risk. We
offer drone systems management consultancy services. Our full suite of drone consultancy services
helps to streamline operations, commit to compliance and allow your RPAS operations to flourish
without compromising safety.

Seth Williams, MySequester

Mysequester is an online platform that helps businesses demonstrate their social and environmental
goals by connecting them with their local community in a way that allows anyone to benefit from
carbon offset projects ( through tree planting)

Ross Maher, Twenty Five Doors

Twenty Five Doors is a wine tourism marketplace for every wine region in the world. We partner
with wine regions and wineries to create a better, more profitable and rewarding wine tourism
experience for everyone.
The #1 global tourism trend is personalisation; yet navigating wine regions is currently a paper-based
and generic process. Our scalable digital technology helps wineries personalise their cellar door
experience and capitalise on a global market that is worth more than $22b per year. For tourists, we
save them hours of research and 'winging it' in the region to find the best cellar door experiences,
regardless of their wine knowledge.

John Vazey, EngAnalysis Pty Ltd

Engineering Analysis: Informing Decisions. EngAnalysis is one of Australia’s leading engineering test,
measurement and analysis companies. Our aim is to enable our clients to make informed decisions
based on measured data and analysis that defines their uncertainties to reduce risk. This service
allows our partners and customers to address critical issues about the design, performance,
structural capacity and operation of major engineering assets.

Jim Oflaherty, Robotic Systems
Unable to disclose due to NDA clearance.

Cameron Owen, CYFERLINX

We are a team passionate about representing coders of all ages to ensure that during the
recruitment phase, employers gain a comprehensive and more importantly, accurate, assessment of
an applicant’s talents in a fraction of the time. With the growing demand for coders and a supply
struggling to keep up, only employing coders with five plus years of experience is quickly becoming
unsustainable. Cyferlinx is a true innovation by allowing recruiters to find the very best talent within
the current workforce, ensuring coders are represented accurately and paving the way for the
younger generation to integrate into industry by encouraging best practice and having their skills
assessed on the equally valued experience they have developed on their own means.

Phillip Farquharson, Hunter Plant Mechanics

Hunter plant mechanics provides mechanical, hydraulic and electrical repairs to all plant equipment
with a workshop and field service. We also provide an excavation service along with fabrication and
welding. We have also invented a combination jack/stand for high tonnage applications where the
stand mechanism is accurate to 1mm and is the only product to offer a pivoting base to stop side

Eddy Constable, WQMS

WQMS bridges the gap to deliver crack repair solutions for the mining industry. Our comprehensive
and fully customised AICARM™ system manages the whole process of what to do with a crack once it
has been identified & identified correctly, through to how to repair effectively and how to upskill
welding labour to achieve a long-lasting outcome.

Jacqueline Garrett, GGWP ACADEMY

GGWP Academy is an early stage esports and gaming startup focused on creating smarter
influencers. In a world with over 2.2 Billion gamers worldwide and a staggering 38% growth year on
year, GGWP will be the first in the industry to educate, rank, align and connect gamers with brands
for influencer campaigns globally.After completing the leAD Sports Accelerator in Berlin (Family of Adi Dassler - Founder of Adidas),
founder Jacqueline returned to Australia to build team and product. She is now joined by the
talented Software Engineer John Keto - CTO (ex Freelancer/Spaceship) and Cassie Puah - CMO (also
ex Freelancer) and they will launch V1 (e-learning) in July 2019.
GGWP Academy works on the premise that a more professional, structured and educated esports
and gaming industry means less risk for major brands and companies to get involved in the space,
particularly with influencers. The mission is simple, to open new doors for budding influencers and
esports athletes so that they can reach their full potential.

Andrew Whalan, devFU Pty Ltd

We are a software development and technology company based in Newcastle, NSW that specialise
in delivering innovative software solutions and developing services to the mining industry and other
professional services. Our clients range from large mining companies, to small specialised
consultancy firms. Our experience across a variety of sized projects allows us to scale our offerings to
the specific project requirements. We have developed a diverse range of custom technologies for
clients, both web-based and mobile/tablet applications, technical integration, along with supporting
and coordinating system reviews.

Chad Ramage, Accessibility in the City

Accessibility in the City (AitC) is developing a user-friendly online mapping platform that provides
accessible features within cites, shopping precincts, universities and the like. This will help people
with accessibility issues navigate busy and cluttered environments to participate in normal life and
improve their lives. The analytics will provide urban planners and Governments vital insights into
urban mobility challenges that can aid the creation of a truly smart, resilient and liveable city for all.

Kyle Minors, Augr

An augmented reality art platform specialising in computer vision and sales. Augr also build custom
AR apps for clients looking to step up their engagement.

Cheryl Pollock, ChezLeon Pty Ltd

ChezLeon is an early stage, Australian company with a core focus in the design, manufacture & sale
of therapeutic garments to manage edema, particularly secondary lymphedema due to cancer and
its treatment. Chezleon has designed & manufactured a range of highly effective & comfortable
passive massage garments for people suffering from lymphoedema following cancer treatment,
edema & muscle fatigue. Globally 14m people are diagnosed with Cancer & 45m with Edema every
Prototype testing & a randomized pre-market product evaluation has been conducted with amazing
results not only relieving the pain, discomfort & flow of lymphatic fluid but also in the breaking down
of scar tissue & recovery from sporting injuries widening the market into other potential avenues.
ChezLeon Health, ChezLeon Sports, ChezLeon Veterinary. ChezLeon’s initial product a Bra Insert for
the breast cancer market is ready for production. TGA approval underway, International IP secured
in Europe, New Zealand, Asia, Australian, US & Canada. Manufacturer’s samples approved. The team
that has assisted me in developing the product to this point are; Willem - Design Engineer & Product
Manager at Ide; Andrew Delbridge - Business man & Physiotherapist; Sue Lynch – Former Product
Development Manager at ResMed.

Greg Ryan, CakeServer

CakeServer is a consumer design platform and marketplace for the custom cake market, which is
over $60 m per year in weddings alone. Wedding cakes, engagement cakes and milestone birthday
cakes make up the bulk of the custom cake market in Australia. Consumers in this space have
significant problems finding and accessing expertise, which is largely made up of micro-businesses
and sole traders with limited systems and online presence. CakeServer simplifies the custom design
and quotation process by applying engineering design principles to cakes, giving online cost
estimates, and connecting with a national network of businesses.

Sahil Harriram, Elite Robotics

Elite Robotics are a Newcastle (Australia) based startup developing autonomous vehicle platforms
that give vehicles human-like instincts. The aim of our technology platform is to be utilised within
electric service robots that will maintain tomorrows cities (maintenance, cleaning, package delivery,
solid waste management, infrastructure inspection etc.). We are starting with autonomous
lawnmowers and are aiming to move into more complex environments as our technology matures.
Our core navigation tech relies on work done in our Technical Advisers PhD. He has developed a
efficient and accurate way of tracking objects in a vehicles environment without machine learning.
The advantage of this is that we don't need to train our system for new environments, reducing cost
of development and increasing speed to market.

Antony Martin, Hone

We build mobile devices and powerful software that put lab results in your hand, in an instant. Using
our platform, tests traditionally performed in wet laboratories can now be performed with a simple
scan from one of our devices. The platform currently services agronomists and farmers for soil, crop
and grain testing. By allowing instant in-field testing Hone is transforming the way farming is done by
providing the knowledge a farmer needs to make decisions before the weather changes. Traditional
labs take 2-3 weeks to provide results and the cost is often prohibitive. We also have a SaaS product
that turns scientists into developers allowing labs to create their own testing applications from
agricultural, to medical, to water testing (and many more). This works a little like the app store on
smart phones. Developers can make a business out of our platform by commercialising a new testing
application forms the supply side of our marketplace and a similar story can be told for medical
testing, water testing, geological testing and any other field. Knowledge now is very different to
knowledge later.

James Bradley, Diffuse Energy

Diffuse Energy aims to change the way people consume and make Electricity. Our Team is from the
University of Newcastle and in 2018 completed the CSIRO's ON program. This has put us on a great
trajectory where we are soon to install our first turbine with an Australian data telecom provider
supported by a jobs for NSW MVP grant. Our technology is initially being used to improve wind
turbines although can also be use in HVAC, Industrial fans, water turbines and other similar use
cases. Due to the groups strong research background in small wind turbines it was the obvious
choice for a first product. Our core IP is the result of our founders' PhD research.

Susan Ryan, Uukoo

Our product is a bespoke digital application created specifically to support people living with
dementia, their family and their care support team. It reduces social isolation by enabling 24/7
communication between people living with dementia and their extended family. In doing so it
reduces agitation and depression and decreases the psychological symptoms associated with
loneliness. Research by Dementia Australia shows that this reduces the use of psychotropic drugs by
up to 80% and the associated death rate by 20%. By designing for patient centred outcomes Uukoo
increases patient wellness, decreases carer stress and reduces bottom line costs for care
organisations. In this way Uukoo will also contribute to the predicted cost savings in population
health predicted by government.

Alicia Edge, Compeat Nutrition

Compeat Nutrition is a mid to late stage start-up disrupting the sports performance and allied health
services sectors. Taking the performance dietitian out of the clinic setting and integrating them into
the life of the individual, Compeat has developed a revolutionary approach with a focus on
performance outcomes. The continuous support model sees Compeat deliver a customer centric
approach that changes the landscape in human performance. An approach that empowers the
individual to achieve optimal, client owned life and sport performance outcomes.
With a validated servicing approach with key market assumptions, Compeat is now looking for
interested parties to support the team realise their global scale potential.

Kylie Burrett, Nuts n Bolts Design

We provide products and services to schools and industry interested in developing their students
design skills; to better problem solve, communicate and innovate.
To achieve this we have developed; world class ideation products, face to face and digital courses for
teacher professional development, partnerships between industry and schools.

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