By, Lisa Harpley.

Lots of businesses have been pivoting and changing how they work to suit the current climate. Social media giant, Instagram has not been exempt from that, recently announcing it too will be pivoting and will no longer be a photo sharing app, rather they will be focusing more on video and entertainment content after seeing the success of competitors like Tiktok and YouTube.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced the change in July 2021 on social media and was very clear that Instagram no longer wants to be thought of as the 'square photo sharing app' but instead as a general entertainment app and they want to “embrace video more broadly”.

So, what does this mean for businesses utilising Instagram to reach their audience? Well, not all changes are bad. Instagram products like Reels and IGTV create an opportunity for your content to reach a wider audience outside of your following.

Reels are short, creative, and entertaining videos that can help you connect and engage with a wider audience. This does not mean you have to start learning a trending dance choreography or be highly skilled in video production. The Reels platform is designed to be fun and easy to use and there are many creative ways to showcase your products and services in a short yet engaging way.

Product based businesses have done really well by featuring their products in their Reels. From the behind-the-scenes productions, packaging, unboxings, timelapse, product features and many more creative ways to utilise short video content.

For service-based businesses; this is a great opportunity to share what you know and explain the value of what you do.

IGTV is long-form, immersive video content that isn’t limited to one minute. Long form video makes it even easier to tell your brand's story, connect with your audience and reach more people.
Now, I’m not saying abandon your Instagram photo newsfeed. These additional products are just another way to display that information and capture a wider audience.

The Instagram algorithm is prioritising video content and now is the opportunity to take advantage of that. So get your phones out, tripod ready and have some fun creating engaging content.

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