Case Studies

Nusa Indah   Beautiful boards and a booming business
Case Studies Nusa Indah Beautiful boards and a booming business

A collaboration with Vogue, a repost of her first product by a billionaire businesswomen Aerin Lauder and orders from across the world, all add up to a great start in business for Forster surfer, mother, wife and businesswoman Jada Stanley.

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Luke Sutton  Drifta
Case Studies Luke Sutton Drifta

Working with Luke Sutton, the founder of Drifta, a local manufacturer in Gloucester NSW, we are very proud to showcase his big wins for Australian manufacturing and local employment! Read the full story by Daniel Honan from the Newcastle Herald.

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Clean as Crackers
Case Studies Clean as Crackers

Hannah Leung, a health and fitness enthusiast who has a Bachelor of Human Sciences and is an aspiring physiotherapist, decided to take matters into her own hands and start a new business!

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Darwich's business a family reality
Case Studies Darwich's business a family reality

Darwich Sido’s new shop in Jesmond is much more than a business opportunity. It’s the mending of a seam that runs between Mr Sido’s life in Newcastle and his former life in the city of Aleppo, Syria, from which his family were forced to flee in 2012.

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Becky from Newcastle Afoot
Case Studies Becky from Newcastle Afoot

Turning a love for our city into a successful business

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