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Human Services Business Hub

Human Services Business Hub

Human Services Business Hub

Making it easy
for NDIS businesses

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We make it easy for NDIS businesses. You can create a business that is sustainable and still have an impact.

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How It Works

If you work within the disability sector in NSW and would like guidance on the ongoing changes to the NDIS the Business Centre is here to help you with business advice, education, mentoring and expert specialised business support. If you're starting up a business, new to the industry, or a medium to large organisation - you will find value in this program.

How It Works
What we do

We know that operating a business with the world of the NDIS can be complicated and challenging. We understand that you started your business to make a difference to the lives of others, but now you feel bogged down in the grind of running your business. You have likely come along way from your passion of using your skills and qualifications to help others and find that your days (and nights and weekends!) are spent trying to figure out admin, marketing and sales. At Human Services Business Hub (HSBH), we work to make business easy for you. Our learning support programs have been carefully designed in accordance with the principles of best practice and tailored specifically to operating within the human services sector including the NDIS. We will support you to take control of your business with support to learn how to implement systems, leadership and management, understanding your finances and building your sales and marketing process.

  • One to One Business Advisory

    Our experienced business advisors can support your journey to a sustainable business model. Be part of a mentoring program that steps you through the 9 key areas of business and develops your skills as a business owner

  • Projects

    Need help with a particular job or task? Our team can work with you on your project to make it happen. From Audit Readiness to new policies and procedures, our team will scope our your needs and provide a quote to get the job done.

  • Materclasses

    Experience HSBH's intensive Masterclass with  Chantelle Robards, the NDIS Business Advisor. To register your business with the NDIS or not – that is the red hot question of the moment. The registration process can be confusing, difficult and expensive. You should make this decision with all the information in your toolkit. The good news is that we have spent the past year supporting businesses in New South Wales to make this decision – and then to successfully complete the process. Come along to our NDIS Registration Demystified masterclass and work through the process with us.

  • Toolbox

    The NDIS business toolbox has been created for all of the service providers that are fantastic and delivering services to clients but are unsure about the business side of things! We have put together a toolbox that will support you through the most challenging areas; strategy, communicating your value to the customer, creating a sustainable business model, understanding the profit margins of each product and service in your business and a simple yet effective one-page business plan.




This workshop is delivered by industry experts to help you apply your learning to your business. Our Trainers and Advisors are highly accomplished and experienced in operating a business.

Steve Wait
Steve Wait Chief Executive Officer

Mentor and leader, sportsman and Scotsman

Kate Mole
Kate Mole Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

NDIS expert

Peter Hollingsworth
Peter Hollingsworth Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Business trainer and coach extraordinaire

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