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Business Connect

Business Connect

Business Connect

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Business Connect is a dedicated and personlised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start or grow your small business.

You only pay $0

Program value $150 per hour

Subsidised business advice, through the NSW Government's Business Connect program.

In person or online

Across NSW

How It Works

The first step to accessing the Business Connect program, is to call our team. Our triage advisor will assess your needs and match you to a Business Advisor. After completing the registration form, you will unlock 4 hours of business support at no cost. This program is available across NSW. If your business is facing business disruption to to Drought, Fire, Flood or Covid-19, talk to our team and increase your free hours of support to 60 hours. We are genuinely here to help.

How It Works
Subsidised Business Support

Under Business Connect, this program is funded and supported by the NSW Government. Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised program that provides trusted advice to help you start or grow your business. Register with Business Connect and unlock 4 hours of support at no cost to you.

  • Is your business affected by Drought, Fire, Flood or Covid-19?

    Our team of advisors can take you through our disruption to recovery process and create a clear plan of action to sustain your business. We are able to demystify the government grants and supports available to you and your team. If your business is Covid-19 affected you will receive up to 60 hours support, through business advisory or workshops, free thanks to NSW Government.

  • Do you have an idea for a business?

    Our team of advisors can walk you through the key aspects of developing a new business idea. From Target Customer to Financial Viability to Product to Market Fit, we are here to support.

  • Get Started

    Want to start your business off on the right foot? Our team will do a quick health check on your business compliance before delving into the fun stuff! Our team can support you to explore and define your Value Proposition, Marketing Plan and Business Model. Start a sustainable business today.

  • Scale Up 

    Our team of advisors can discuss your goals and create a strategy and implementation plan to ensure you get there! Our scale up methodology ensures your business growth is sustainable.

  • Workshops

    We offer a range of workshops to support your business education! Visit our events and courses page for more information.

  • Webcasts

    Our team have filmed all live webcasts and invite you to have a look around our online library. 

    If you want to Register for Business Connect  visit the link. If you want to chat about your options and to see if we are a good fit first, give us a call on 02 4925 7700.


Business Connect Advisors

Every Business Connect advisor is accredited, with experience running their own business and formal qualifications in a business-related discipline. Our unbiased advisors also have management, consulting or prior advisory experience. Business advisors also have a broad range of skills covering essential business topics including business planning, marketing and how to grow your digital presence.

Steve Wait
Steve Wait Chief Executive Officer

Mentor and leader, sportsman and Scotsman

Brooke Philips
Brooke Philips Education and Experience Manager

Passionate people person, leader and design thinker

Barrett Campbell
Barrett Campbell Chief Financial Officer

Our grounded, thought provoking CFO

Paulina Mangano
Paulina Mangano Business Advisor

Supporter, encourager and mentor

Michael Hilsden FAIM, FACS.
Michael Hilsden FAIM, FACS. Senior Business Advisor

International experience but passion for the Mid Coast

Lena Vestad Hansen
Lena Vestad Hansen Business Advisor

Marketer with a global perspective

Peter Hollingsworth
Peter Hollingsworth Business Advisor

Business trainer and coach extraordinaire

Lisa Harpley
Lisa Harpley Business Advisor

Marketing and networking guru Hunter Valley favourite

Martin Mckenzie
Martin Mckenzie Business Advisor

Black belt in grants, tenders and incentives

Gordon Whitehead
Gordon Whitehead Business Advisor

Tech head and tech mentor

Nat Ellis
Nat Ellis Business Advisor

Disability Sector Advisor and advocate

Reda Haddadeh
Reda Haddadeh Business Advisor

An international strategist with a big heart for community

Laura Hughes
Laura Hughes Business Advisor

Accountant Extraordinaire

Kate Mole
Kate Mole Business Advisor

NDIS expert

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