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Cyber Security Podcast Series

Cyber Security Podcast Series

Addressing issues facing SMEs with cyber security

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Our Cyber Security Culture podcast series will address key issues facing SMEs with cyber security. In each episode, you will hear from key cyber security industry experts on a range of topics.

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The experts will share their experiences, knowledge, cyber security issues, trends and advice to ensure you are equipped to in safeguard your business against unwanted intrusion.


A podcast series of 8 episodes addressing key issues businesses face with cyber security, this should not be ignored and should be taken as an opportunity to grow and mitigate potential threats. Each episode will hear from key cyber security industry experts on the topics including cyber security threats and basic tools and resources for businesses and how to build a strong cyber security culture. As you listen to each of the guests two very clear key messages shine on through. Implementing key advice can be very easily achieved today on your own and leads you in a positive direction to start securing your data and mitigating cyber security threats.

  • Assessing cybersecurity posture in business with Jason Murrell: Jason discusses where the biggest cyber security gaps and challenges lie within people, technology, and regulations. Recommendations for businesses and how to implement new strategies, strengthen your cyber resilience and culture. 
  • Top priorities for business emails with Georgia Turnham: Business Email Breaches (BEC) are unfortunately common and can be minimised Georgia discusses ransomware, malware, and phishing. Learn the first steps in prevention of breaches, recognising breaches, human factors, strategies, and controls to protect your valuable business emails and data.
  • Porting and safe storage of customer information with Hector Lucenti: Hector will help us understand porting and how to be aware of protecting your client and personal information, there are some key tips along the way that can be addressed today. 
  • Providers and International supply chain with Jonathan Kempe: What systems and processors are in place for your business if you are exporting food and other supplies globally? How can a business stand out and have a competitive advantage in the providore market? Jonathan discusses risk assessment practices and explains supply chain disruptions and the ripple effect it can cause.
  • Cyber Security Risk Score with Susie Jones: Susie is an entrepreneur, co-founder and a CEO who holds an extensive range of knowledge and industry experience within cybersecurity.  In this chat we learn what is meant by a cybersecurity risk score, why this is important to understand in business and how understanding this is beneficial for government contracts.
  • Cyber security insurance with Troy Filipcevic: Imagine your business is on a successful pathway and growing by the day, then a breach occurs from one minor mistake via an email request from yourself of from an employee. Now imagine your now unable to sell products and your brand reputation is at stake, what do you do? What have you got in place to protect your data? This chat with Troy highlights the criminal activity and discusses a controversial conversation of, should we pay the ransom? Is this encouraging criminal behaviour? And what cybersecurity insurance should include.
  • Cloud Security with Martin Thurgate: Everyone is using ‘the cloud’ but what does this mean? Why should we be concerned about cloud security? What is the importance of cloud security? Martin discusses reliability and trust around social media and microsoft365 in regard to cloud security.
  • Cyber Risk Psychology with Andrew Reeves: Andrew provides insight about human motivators and values within business and how cyber security can this be implemented in a positive and successful way. What are the impacts breaches have on a person’s psyche How can we reframe the seriousness of cyber loss?
Cyber - Advisors and Trainers

The Cyber team is made up of Sarah, our program manager, Kristin, our events co-ordinator and a team of advisors and experts chosen to deliver services under this program powered by The Business Centre

Steve Wait
Steve Wait Chief Executive Officer

Mentor and leader, sportsman and Scotsman

Brooke Philips
Brooke Philips Education and Experience Manager

Passionate people person, leader and design thinker

Martin Mckenzie
Martin Mckenzie Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Black belt in grants, tenders and incentives

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