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Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery

Master your
Sales Strategy

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Learn how to implement simple and systematic steps into your business to convert sales!

You only pay $199

Program value $250

Four hour masterclass including a delicious networking lunch.

Wednesday 17 July 2019

10:00AM -2:00PM

The Business Centre


How It Works

Lead your customer through the door and predict their purchasing decisions! This workshop with help you identify your core customer and understand the purchasing drivers they have. A practical and hands-on learning experience of only small groups, no more than 10 at a time. You will get the full attention of our trainer and have the opportunity to implement this learning directly into your business.

How It Works

In this four hour workshop you will learn to:

  • Master selling

    Overcome your fear of sales

  • Ascend your customer

    You can move people up the sales pyramid

  • Pitch your value

    Learn how to communicate the actual value that you provide

  • Sales approach

    To sell without being pushy or over the top

This workshop is delivered by industry experts to help you apply your learning to your business. Our Trainers and Advisors are highly accomplished and experienced in operating a business.

Phil Usher
Phil Usher Business Advisor

Knowledgeable, no-nonsense and ready to help you

Jelinda Millgate
Jelinda Millgate Business Advisor

Driven to support regional businesses

Case Study

Meet the people who have gone through this program and read their story understand their journey.

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