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Talking Heads

Talking Heads

Talking Heads

Peer to
Peer learning

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Talking Heads is a peer to peer learning opportunity for Creative Industries students.

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Accredited course in Researching the Design Profession DESN3006.


University of Newcastle

How It Works

This course examines the creative design industries through the eyes and experiences of current creative industry experts from a range of fields. This course is all about uncovering practical outcomes through the sharing of knowledge - real-life professional stories. The Talking Heads team, through tutorials and lectures, guide the students’ exploration and development of a range of business and management skills. The aim is to have current industry leaders sharing their hard-won knowledge while learning the practical basics of the business of being creative. It’s where creativity and innovation meet commercialisation. Where we encourage integrity and the value of creativity to be explored.

How It Works

The methodology of the course is based on the core areas of business, with the main assessment being the Business Model Canvas – Business or Project based. Business Opportunity

  • Innovation, Agile & sustainable business practice
  • Ethical considerations
  • Intellectual property
  • Business modelling and value proposition
  • Customer Experience and value proposition
  • Marketing Creativity and pitch for business
  • Financial basics and business and project operation

This program is delivered by Business Advisors from the Business Centre. Every week you will be introduced to several industry leaders who will be sharing with you their hard-won lessons and knowledge.

Brooke Philips
Brooke Philips Chief Experience Officer

CXO, passionate people person and leader

Case Study

Meet the people who have gone through this program and read their story understand their journey.

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