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Exploring Being My Own Boss

Exploring Being My Own Boss

Exploring Being My Own Boss

What does it take
to start your own business?

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Are you interested in being an entrepreneur or starting your own business? Our two-week Exploring Being My Own Boss course will give you an amazing head start!

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Program value $1500

This course is fully subsidised by The Australian Government, Department of Jobs and Small Business.

Monday 9 May 2022


Location will be confirmed in April 2022

Course is 4 days per week for 2 weeks

How It Works

Before you start your business, our two-week Exploring Being My Own Boss course helps you find out what entrepreneurship entails. It is an interactive, customised training schedule from our trainers with daily guest speakers sharing additional business expertise.

How It Works

Workshops will be delivered over approximately 25 hours/week over 2 weeks and include the following topic areas:

  • Buckle Up: Learning to think like an entrepreneur
  • Idea Validation: Mitigating the risk of failure
  • Brand and Design: Making your business and you look good
  • Going Digital: Getting your business online
  • Sell, Sell, Sell: How to acquire customers forever
  • Nuts and Bolts: The practical planning & requirements of starting a new business
  • Dollars and Sense: Managing the numbers in your business
  • Pitching: Communication and Pitching
  • Connecting to the Ecosystem: Exploring the world of opportunities in your local entrepreneur ecosystem
  • The New Work Order: The changing face of work and how it affects business

To be eligible for Exploring Being My Own Boss you:

  • must not be in employment, education or training

  • must be at least 18 years of age

  • must be eligible to work in Australia.


Exploring Being My Own Boss Trainers

Have we got a treat for you! Martin and Vicki will be your trainers for this course. They are passionate trainers who are fuelled by purpose, lived business experience and proven track record with the ideation process. This team will take you on a journey of exploration resulting in a clear understanding of what's in store for you when starting a business!

Martin Mckenzie
Martin Mckenzie Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Black belt in grants, tenders and incentives

Vicki Alfonso I The Business Centre
Vicki Alfonso I The Business Centre Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Purpose and goal focused people person

Case Study

Meet the people who have gone through this program and read their story understand their journey.

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