Nikki Bohan

Nikki Bohan

Business Advisor

Nikki has worked within accounting departments in various businesses for over 20 years. Experience in accounts payable and receivable developed her love for bookkeeping and she started her own business “The Balance Sheet” in 2013. In 2019 Nikki partnered with Fiona Moylan and together they run a very successful bookkeeping business. Their clients vary from retail, wholesale, pubs & hotels, construction and education.

Nikki is extremely passionate about numbers and all things that balance. Always happy to help her clients prepare their accounts in the most efficient and effective manner, she believes that good bookkeeping is vital in every business in order to see the big picture financials and ensure all ATO obligations met in a timely manner.

Nikki is the mum of 4 children, who love their sport and keep her busy. Her afternoons are spent being the taxi and the chef.

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