Michael Hilsden

Michael Hilsden

Senior Business Advisor & Mentor

Mike is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, and a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society and is our Senior Mentor.

For the last 40 years, he has been involved in running, coaching and mentoring Australian companies, both large and small for the purpose of building dominance in their field. He has extensive experience in international sales and marketing, finance management and strategic and tactical planning.

His strengths are in IT, competitive intelligence, powerful sales and marketing tactics, finance, and business development.

Mike works with businesses throughout the Mid Coast and Newcastle regions and is focussed on building sustainable and vibrant business economies - those businesses that wish to develop whether it be to expand, to extend into the online market or to move towards globalisation – a field which utilises Mike’s diverse international experience including a 6-year stint in London, the US and Sydney and internationally as a venture capitalist.

Mike is not just a business mentor but also considers himself a ‘troubleshooter’- helping businesses with specific issues, disruption and roadblocks.

He currently manages a Mid Coast portfolio of around 250 businesses including surgeons, manufacturing, e-Commerce businesses, retail, wholesale, exporters, web and digital media companies, permaculture, alternate energy providers, businesses within the finance industry, media and production companies.

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