Meg Galloway

Meg Galloway

Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Meg's passion lies in bringing people's ideas and dream businesses to life. She enjoys the challenges of business planning and development and the opportunity to solve problems.

With a focus on small businesses, Meg's key strengths lie in helping them discover their true value, find the right market positioning, and craft compelling value propositions. Her expertise extends to start-ups and business planning, encompassing aspects like marketing, cash flow, and pricing.

With a background in Financial Advice, Meg brings a wealth of knowledge in taxation, budgeting, and strategic planning. Her unique approach involves a blend of traditional business models with innovative processes.

Meg holds qualifications in Engineering and Business, which have equipped her to handle IT integration into businesses, provide strategic planning, and offer operational support across a range of industries.

Beyond this, Meg has also run her own business, teaching STEM education to students outside of school. She has also assisted numerous businesses in hospitality, retail, education, trade services, and consulting, offering her insights to drive growth.

Creative and resourceful, Meg excels at problem-solving and connecting people with opportunities. She possesses a deep understanding of social media and branding, allowing her to assist businesses in defining their unique value proposition.

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