Brooke Philips

Brooke Philips

Education and Experience Manager

As the Business Education and Experience Manager of the Business Centre Brooke always enthusiastically and with great purpose oversees the development and delivery of our diverse workshops, business and community development programmes and business advisory services.

Brooke is passionate about working with others to tackle issues in business, resulting in stronger, more purposeful economies. She believes that through transforming business models we can create a greater alignment between social and economic systems.

Her industry experience includes Trade, Agriculture, Retail and Hospitality. Her Business Advisory, Mentoring and Training experience spans close to 10 years. 
Brookes down to earth nature allows her to gain a practical understanding of business and provide practical steps to overcome customer challenges.

Creating new workshops and programs is what really floats Brookes boat! Seeing a need in an industry and creating a solution for their challenges that involves connecting and practical learning is what she loves to do. Brooke has created successful programs in; Creative Industries, Disability Sector, Start Ups, Innovation and Design Thinking, Sustainable Communities and Economies.

Brooke is a guest lecturer at The University of Newcastle in the areas of Starting A Business, Marketing Creativity, Freelancing and Alternative Sources of Funding.

Outside of work? Brooke is on a mission to optimise soil health through bio diversity at her farm in regional NSW.

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