Brooke Philips

Brooke Philips

Education Manager

As the Business Education Programs Manager of the Business Centre Brooke always enthusiastically and with great purpose oversees the development and delivery of our diverse workshops, business and community development programmes and business advisory services.

Brooke’s passion is helping people – it is as simple as that. She is driven to improve the world through her work in the business community and her vast experience and professionalism have seen her spearhead countless projects which have led to the success of many local businesses – large and small.

Her down to earth and compassionate nature have seen her take a great interest in projects such as supporting businesses in the challenging but rewarding disability sector. In Brooke’s own words “my greatest passion lays in designing, developing and delivering programs that address specific sector ‘pain’.” 

Brooke was the winner of the Best Business Mentor in Regional Australia in 2014 and received the Small Biz Connect Awards 2015 Award for Outstanding Achievement.  Brooke has also been invited by the University of Newcastle to become a DCIT Industry Board Member.

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