Q1. What is Start House?

A1. Start House is a distributed accelerator is structured learning programs design to help innovative entrepreneurs validate their ideas and grow their business and reduce the likelihood of failure.

Q2. What makes the Start House Accelerator different?

A2. Unlike traditional ‘for-profit’ and University accelerators, Start House has been designed to remove many of the barriers regional entrepreneurs face accessing structure learning programs, industry experts, financial backing and access to global networks. As a “not-for-profit’, we don’t take equity, and we don’t discriminate against founders based on location [we come to you, not the other way round], product development lifecycles, team size, or time commitment.

Q3. What are we looking for?

Apply for our Accelerator Program if:

• You have an innovative product/service that has the potential of growing internationally

• You are in the process of building or built a minimum viable product [MVP]

• You can commit to working full-time or part-time on your business.

• You have registered your business name and company

Q4. Will Start House or the Business Centre own my IP?

A4. No. It’s all yours. We do not have any claim on your IP.

Q5. Do I need to be full time on my business?

A5. No. Unlike traditional accelerators that require entrepreneurs attend full-time, which is a problem if you have other personal or business commitments. For example: If you are a single parent with kids, paying a mortgage and living in Singleton, NSW, it’s unlikely you can drop everything to join an accelerator full-time in Sydney or Newcastle.

For this reason, Start House has been designed to allows entrepreneurs to work on their business part-time.

Q6. When do applications close?


Accelerator Program:

26th July 2019 11.59pm (AEST)

Q7. Where are the Startup programs located?

A7. Start House is a distributed model which aims to deliver an accelerator program across the following regional NSW areas, Singleton, Maitland/Port Stephens, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie and Wyong/Gosford.

Q8. What time commitment is there?

A8. You are required to commit to attending bi-weekly workshops and face-to-face mentoring sessions during the program, as well as attending various networking events.

Q9. Does Start House provide upfront investment?

A9. No. Unlike most ‘for-profit’ accelerators Start House does not provide entrepreneurs with upfront investment in return for 10-15% equity in your business [and any other investment obligations such as investment discounts].

Q10. Will you accept a Startup with only one founder?

A10. Absolutely! Unlike other accelerator programs we don’t discriminate against single founders. Too often single founders are encouraged or forced to find cofounders to help with their application to join an accelerator program. This gives founders little time to conduct proper due diligence on potential cofounders. Being a single founder you have your own freedom to do anything and everything. No misunderstandings, no conflicts and no difference of opinions. Single founder or team of founders - you are all welcome!

Q11. What happens after the program finishes?

A11. You will automatically join our Start House Alumni. In addition, you will have access to mentoring and advisory provided by the Business Centre.

Q12. Do I have to give away equity in my startup?

A12. No. As a not-for-profit Start House does not take equity and thus can operate as an honest broker and a non-vested partner in garnering the best outcomes for start-ups and entrepreneurs in our programs.

Q13. Is there a fee?

A13. Yes. A grand total of $500. Offering any service, even for a short time or in a limited version, obviously has monetary costs. Yet, this is not the reason why we’re charging $500. We would like to offer all our programs for free, but how often have you signed up for a free trial but never used the product or service before the trial ran out?

Therefore, our fee places a value to ensure participants complete our programs.

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