By, Lisa Harpley

Do you know who your customer avatar is?

Most businesses haven’t given this much thought. “I want everyone to buy my product or service” Ideally yes, but first we have to narrow it down to your most likely audience because when you speak to everyone, you’re speaking to no one.

What is a customer avatar? Well, a customer avatar is a customer profile of your most ideal, or perfect customer. The customer that is most likely to purchase from you.

I know, stereotyping is BAD. Think of it more like profiling. This doesn’t mean that you will only sell to this audience, you’re making an educated strategic decision to target a certain audience to give you a better return on investment. 

I like to give my avatar a name and refer to them before I do anything. What would “Sally” think about this ad? Would “Sally” find this content helpful? Am I solving “Sally’s” problem?

So, what are some of the key questions you need to consider when developing your customer avatar?

Background - This includes your avatars education level, income and possibly their occupation 

Demographic – Your avatars age, sex, and location. Keep in mind in particular for age and sex, this is for the decision-maker, not for the user of your product or service. Often, they can be different.

Goals – Understanding what drives your avatar, what motivates them

Interests – What are your avatars hobbies or interests? This will help you to better connect with your avatar with a common language and perhaps even help you with targeted advertising.

Challenges – If your business is providing a solution to a problem, having a good understanding of their problems or challenges are will be key to success

Biggest fears – Understanding the emotional state and fears of your audience can help you connect with them with a level of understanding and empathy that will let them trust that your product or service can help solve their problem.

With a detailed customer avatar, you will be able to better connect and engage with your audience, you will be able to talk to them in language that resonates with them, using platforms they use regularly and be the solution to their key problem. 

If you would like some assistance in creating a comprehensive customer avatar for your business, please reach out to The Business Centre and we can assist you with finding your “Sally”

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