Using the world’s latest 3D 360 VR tech, pop on a headset and take a look around eight amazing locations and name where in the world they were at the Hunter innovation Festival! 

The twist is that they were all in one incredible city. Our city - Newcastle.

While Newcastle’s legendary surf breaks and laidback way of life is well known, you might not have guessed that it’s also a world-class smart city full of business, employment and investment opportunities. It’s a city of unlimited potential. A thriving hub of business, innovation and creativity with access to international standard facilities and global networks.

There are so many reasons why you should live, work and play in Newcastle.

There are so many reasons why you should live, work and play in Newcastle. Be part of the momentum and find out why more and more people are now calling this great city ‘home’.

The 360 Reasons VR campaign has been a collaborative effort by four key community organisations - Newcastle City Council, the Business Centre and Enigma. In addition, the NSW Government match funded the campaign as part of the Regional Development program.

The film was produced by local VR experts VRXP and is the first of its kind in Australia being shot on the best 360 stereo video camera in the world, the Z Cam V1Pro. This is the cutting edge of VR technology.

Meet the team behind the project and try this one of a kind virtual reality experience as part of Hunter innovation Festival - full program HERE.

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