In collaboration with the NSW Government, The Business Centre has launched a new program on the Central Coast assisting people over the age of 50 to start a business.

This program, entitled Business Boomers, aims to address the rising rates of unemployment and financial hardship amongst our more senior members of society and assists them by delivering mentoring, tangible tools and training in business.

Participants in the program will gain access to:

A two-day training workshop
An easy to use online course
Weekly Business Boomers cafe catchups with guest speakers
10 hours of face-to-face mentoring (by appointment)
A fantastic group of mentors and like minded people

With the support of the NSW Government, this program is available for the highly subsidised cost of $125.

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, women aged 55 and over were the fastest growing cohort of homeless Australians between 2011 and 2016, with an increase of 31%.

It is likely this trend will continue given the ongoing shortage of affordable housing, the ageing population and the significant gap in wealth accumulation between men and women across their lifetimes, according to the Business Centre’s CEO Steve Wait.

“We have worked with more than 25,000 businesses in our 34 years of operation.  In recent times we have seen a strong demand for business assistance from an older group of people,’ said Mr. Wait.

 “We have seen the success of the Australian Human Rights Commission toolkit to help employers, managers and human resources professionals understand their responsibilities, the rights of older workers and the economic benefits for hiring older workers.

“Business Boomers will assist people looking to gain financial security by helping them form businesses to generate an income.

“The program will allow older people who have a wealth of experience in their particular field of interest to parlay that into their own successful business.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the program, please contact the Business Centre on (02) 4925 7700 or email

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