Some businesses whose registration expiry dates are approaching have received a letter from the NDIS Commission suggesting upcoming changes to the Rules which may affect the compliance and audit pathway that they are on.

We can pass the news on to you, after some follow up today, that the planned changes will, at this stage, affect businesses who are set up as a body corporate (companies) who offer low-risk supports, that for sole traders, fall under the Verification pathway.

The planned changes will mean that businesses that meet these criteria will end up being on an audit pathway which is sounding very much like Verification.

To check registration groups that qualify as ‘low risk’ please see the document at this link. Registration groups that are listed as requiring Verification for sole traders will be the ones most likely to be affected.

What to do now?

Unfortunately some of you who would benefit from this change will have already partially or completely finished your audit and we are sorry that this change was not made in time for you.

If you are one of the businesses that is likely to be affected, the instructions right now are to sit tight. There is a plan to have an announcement finalised by the middle of September. You will not be penalised if your final registration date is approaching and you can’t complete in time.  The Commission have already proven themselves to be quite flexible and supportive around this so no panic is required here.

If you are currently on a Verification pathway, continue as you are we are not expecting any changes for you.

For those of you with high risk registration groups there may be some minor changes coming that may be worth waiting for. We are sworn to secrecy on these ones but we are still recommending that you also hit the pause button while we wait for more information.

The Business Centre is here to help...

As always we are here to help and support you especially in face of changes. You can be ready for Verification in one day by completing our NDIS Registration Masterclass. This 8-hour intensive Masterclass will see you cover all you need to know about both the Verification Process in just one day. We have been tasked with delivering these right across NSW and we have had a wholly positive response from all of our attendees. Register for a Masterclass near you and be ready for both the Registration and the Verification processes by following this link...


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