The Facebook Pixel is a free piece of computer coding (not as scary as it sounds)that can allow you to track customers that have visited your website from your Facebook page. It’s simply a piece of computer code that you copy and paste from Facebook to your own website.

Through Facebook, you as a business owner can then build a custom audience, and create a highly targeted ad for people who have taken certain actions.

Let’s explore this further with an example. Let’s say that you have an e-commerce website. As with most of these sites there are a lot of potential customers that will add items to the shopping cart before leaving your site never to be seen again.  

Now we could spend an endless amount of time trying to speculate as to why they didn’t proceed to purchasing, but that’s not effective. Rather, we can re-target them with an ad, similar to the Best Buy example below.


Because the Facebook Pixel tracks individual user IDs from their Facebook profile, only people who have taken this certain action will see this ad.

This strategy can also be used to re-target people who have read a certain blog with a related hot offer. A great example would be if you had a blog post on 3 Vegetarian Dishes That Will Impress Your Taste Buds, followed by an offer to buy your vegetarian cooking eBook for $12.

Your ultimate aim for Facebook advertising should be to create a number of custom audiences. It will completely change your business and your marketing approach. As it stands, most business owners run Facebook ads to a cold audience hooping to find an instant match with someone buying immediately. This rarely happens.

The Facebook pixel allows you to create an audience of warm leads who will be more open to making a purchase from you then a straight-up cold prospect. Re-targeting people who have read a specific blog post with a hot offer is going to be way more cost effective then setting a broad audience to appeal to. 

*This blog post hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of the ins and outs of Facebook advertising.  On 10 July we are running a live and practical learn-as-you-go workshop on ‘Mastering Facebook and Google Ads’.  Hit the link below to learn more about the event.

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