We caught up with our client and innovator Daniel Prasad, who has attracted big interest from his digital business directory AdPad, set to revolutionise business advertising across Australia.

Daniel has been working with Steve Wait our Chief Operating Officer and Business Advisor for more than 5 years on developing his business. Over this time the two have developed a friendship and trust. The AdPad’s sleek and useful tablet interface is fast replacing the traditional paper bound local business directories known as the book. This digital tablet comes with a swathe of functionalities, which the book wishes it had.

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the book has had an estimated 96% throw out rate, leaving an inviting market gap. An opportunity seized by Daniel. The AdPad, with a similar look and feel to other tablets, is user-friendly, does not require Wi-Fi and comes with an impressive list of functionalities.

What the AdPad has retained from its ancestor is its availability and regionality: the sleek tablet will be delivered free to the public’s front door. Not only the AdPad lists businesses in the local area, it even features videos, games, calendar, cookbooks and more.

With a number of tablets in homes today, AdPad is the next step in business advertising - to be able to find an electrician or a local doctor with a simple swipe. Looking for a local business on a search engine can result in finding a list of ads from Sydney and Melbourne, leaving customers frustrated. Mr Prasad believes the AdPad will be the first digital directory delivered free to the public.

“I see AdPad as the go-to source for local business information and a useful addition to any household,” said Daniel.

This, however, is not Daniel Prasad’s first innovative and marketable idea. With inventing in his blood, Daniel first made his mark at the ripe age of 16 when he won the National Innovators Award that funded his wireless headphone invention. This was four years before Bluetooth technology launched.

Daniel also designed a bracket specifically for e-tags that used a suction cup to mount to the windscreens rather than using adhesives. His first order was for 10,000 units and Unibrac is still kicking goals today. A thinker and tinkerer at heart, this Cardiff raised innovator has always looked at ways he could deconstruct and rebuild the world around him. Daniel recounted receiving gadgets and remote controlled cars for Christmas or birthdays.

“I use to love taking things apart and taking a look under the hood and rebuilding them again in different ways. I was always curious as to how things worked and what else I could make with these components,” said Daniel.

The AdPad has drawn interest from national and international partners. One of which is the V8 Supercars Australia. AdPad has secured an exclusive opportunity to be the major sponsor for the Aussie Racing Cars, which is one of the biggest support categories of Newcastle’s V8 Super Car race this November. With support from The Business Centre, Daniel has taken what was then the seed of an idea to a now ready to launch finished product.

“I have learnt being in business you have to keep an open mind about change,” said Daniel.

“Change to your product or change to your business or both.”

“To help business transition to the AdPad, I have looked at ways to eliminate any financial risk for early advertisers. Clients can sign up, secure their ad and know they will not be invoiced until I reach 2000 businesses signed up. I found this has worked really well and now getting more businesses signing on and now on track to reach our goal around March/April,” said Daniel.

Similar to Kickstarter, this method has reduced the perceived risk to early adopters and will make the AdPad a viable product by having a large number of listings, making the product useful for people at home. Newcastle and Hunter region businesses can still register for advertising – the cut-off date is March 31 and the AdPad will launch in Newcastle shortly thereafter before going national. Daniel is pleased that amongst its other virtues the AdPad will eliminate the need for tens of thousands of tonnes of paper used to produce paper directories annually.